Wendy Dolber created Belief-Centered Life Coaching to bring the principles and practice of The Option Method to Life Coaching. The Option Method is a tool to help people be happier by examining the beliefs behind unhappiness.

In the coaching context, “unhappiness” can be construed as any self-created obstacle to the achievement of your goals – whatever they may be. A Life Coach is a professional who helps individuals reach self-defined goals in their personal lives, careers and relationships. Belief-Centered Life Coaching brings the two practices together to create a platform for personal growth & development that empowers the individual to deal most efficiently & effectively with obstacles to success.

The International Coach Federation has a great tool for answering this question. Click IsCoachingRightForYou to access their interactive tool.


Yes. In fact, many of my clients are located far away from me. I work with them using Skype, Zoom, phone, and even texting.

Successful people often have a lot going on in their lives. At the very least, hiring a coach helps bring focus to the project and if the coach is right for you, takes you places you might not go otherwise.

Think of a coach as someone who will be in your corner, dedicated to help you marshal your forces and move forward. You can always depend on them to be focused on you & your goals, unencumbered by outside influences or their own internal issues. One of the best things I ever did for myself was hire a writing coach to work with me on my new book. Yes, I could have done it on my own, but having her in my corner is so energizing and wonderful.

Most coaches have websites these days which offer a wealth of information on the coach’s style, approach and experience. Most of them also offer a free initial consultation exactly for that purpose. I do too, so feel free to contact me at 973-714-2800.

Once you are working with a coach, it should feel easy, comfortable, but challenging. You should understand what the coach’s process & approach is and feel free to ask questions.  Remember that a coach is not a friend, a psychotherapist, or a consultant, so make sure you aren’t expecting something that is not within the scope of the coaching agreement. As long as you are looking forward to the sessions and making progress, it’s most likely a great fit.

The International Coach Foundation has done a wonderful job in pinpointing the core competencies for coaches. I embraced these long before I got my ICF accreditation.

Check them out and refer to them as often as needed.

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