Wendy Dolber (left) with client

What To Expect From Our Coaching Sessions?

We typically start with a 30 minute consultation to explore what you'd like to get out of coaching and whether my coaching style fits your needs.  Then you will decide how you want to move forward - with individual sessions or one of my coaching packages. In the first session, we'll work together to identify what your particular goals are, keeping in mind that these goals may change as we progress.

Thereafter, each coaching session starts with your agenda based on your goals and where you are at in the moment. During the session, I will  help you discover what you envision for yourself, what you want and what, if anything, is standing in your way. Together, we'll develop specific action steps designed to tackle obstacles, tapping into your creativity, knowledge, skills and strengths to move you forward.

Many coaching sessions are aimed at helping the client overcome obstacles. The obstacles may be practical but they often have an emotional component to them. My method of coaching meets all obstacles head on. I am trained to deal with emotional obstacles and I will teach you to do this as well using very simple questions.

With any of the coaching packages, you are free to contact me by email or text with any questions, as well as to communicate your progress.

All coaching sessions and communications will be held in complete confidence.


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