What can coaching do for you?

Ask yourself if you believe there is something more to discover in your personal or professional life. Whatever your goals are - - losing weight, improving relationships, quelling fears and anxieties, awakening your spiritual self, retooling for a new career, handling challenging work issues, getting ready for retirement - wouldn't you like to go forward in the most positive, proactive, passionate way?

Here are some choices of how to move forward:


Want to know more about whether coaching can work for you? Want to find out if we're a good match? I offer a free 30 minute consultation. Then, if we are a good fit, we can set up regular sessions thereon.


Take Action!

Ready to take action to meet your goals? Pay $180 for individual sessions or save money with a package of 6 sessions over 3 months. This includes unlimited weekday email and text messaging options.

Cost: $900  $150/session for a $180 savings


Stay the course!

Treat yourself to sustained coaching to expedite growth and development. We offer a series of 10 sessions over 6 months, which includes unlimited email and text messaging options.

Cost: $1250  $125/session for a $550 savings.

Get In Touch

Get in touch with me for a detailed discussion on what you need. You can call me or drop me an email.