Clients' Speak

We all get stuck from time to time. It’s just part of the growth and change process. We move forward in stop and go patterns as we evaluate our options and make choices. But when we stay stuck, that’s the perfect time to evaluate how our own thought processes may be impeding our forward movement.

I have been working with individuals over the last 40 years in helping them move ahead. Here are a few words that describe clients' experiences of working with me.  


“I cannot adequately express my thanks for the perspective on life and on myself that Wendy Dolber has helped me awaken to during the past few months. Through intent and careful listening, Wendy asks exactly the questions that have helped me see things in a very different light than I have in the past. More and more, I find myself seeing things in a very much more life-affirming and forward-moving way. Best of all, I feel I am gaining some insight into the method and that with time, I will be able to help myself in the same way that Wendy has helped me and will spend less and less time in confused unhappiness and more time experiencing the simplest joys of living.”
Robert H., Oakland, CA

“I had so much energy after our talk that I went out for a long walk, processing so much. It felt like such an answer for me that I have been searching for for quite some time now. This morning I felt newly encouraged to do my own dialogue around a struggle I’ve had for a long time with my spiritual journey . . . I was able to get to a whole new place.
Judy W, Warren, OH

“How does one experience their happiness? How does one get to seeing that it’s already there, innate, rather than experiencing happiness as something that needs to be achieved or acquired, something constantly at risk of being lost? Ask Wendy. You’ll be astonished, and wonder “how did I not see this before?” It was right under my nose. Wendy is an unparalleled guide to helping you discover the truth of what’s already there. Try It!”
Tom S, Los Angeles, CA

“Wendy Dolber is an amazing guide and a one-of-a-kind resource! The insights I’ve gained through our conversations have inspired my blogs, my coaching business and most importantly, my life. I am so grateful that I can call Wendy when I get stuck in unhappiness because I always leave our conversations with new nougat of wisdom!”
Wendi S, Los Angeles,CA

“When someone has passion for their career, and in addition they have amazing knowledge, excellent abilities, and well-honed skills, the result is a professional that you want to know and engage. I have seen Wendy in action several times. Each time I can feel the depth of her faith and belief and the breadth of her inspired knowledge. Very simply – she cares. When you’re looking for professional who provides service, it’s essential that you engage someone who truly believes in their background, their process and the successes of their outcomes. Her commitment to her work is only a close second to her passion and her knowledge. I’m proud to recommend her.”
Laurel B., NJ

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